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Eugene Quinn

Eugene Quinn. Jan 2006. Born 11th Oct 1958. 9th Child of Eleven. 1971 Moved from Victoria, Australia to Warners Bay N.S.W. Sydney 1977 - 1984. Moved to Newcastle 1984. Writing, nothing serious until late 1990's Verse, Poetry, Lyrics, Music. Drums, Guitar - able to put a tune together. Formed Two People Music with past co - writer, Bass player, Ian Garry 2001. In some audacious early moments we dared the stage. Found and played Creative Juice - Lass O'Gowrie, Max's Open Muso - Lass O'Gowrie, Ross and Bob's Open Mic - Wickham Park, Gateway and Hamilton Station So many influences so many extraordinary moments. Witnessing and hearing the best of local music, Live and Recorded. The following years I have studied the recent history of popular music bringing to light some of the best Artists their music and their lives. "Single Girl Married Girl" , late 1920's, by the Carter Family, I believe, one of the best Pop songs of all time. Interested in Australian Music History, written and recorded LP's 78's Starting to know the "Music Industry" as opposed to Music. Musical influences: Australian: Vanda & Young, Ed Keuper, Divinyls, The Saints, Radio Birdman, Masters Apprentices, Go Betweens, The Church, Sunnyboys, Modulated Envelope, Outline and many more. Learning curve with local musician & teacher, Jeff Nash. Continue to write, play & record. 1st CD produced and recorded with Max Muller, Ferndale Studios 2005.

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Eugene Quinn ....vocals, guitar, bass and drums.

Max Muller....guitar, bass, keyboards and drums.

Anthony Samperi....lead guitar.

Alan West....Bass and drums.

Graham Meehan....conga's.

Recorded, engineered and mastered by Max Muller at Ferndale Studios Newcastle.

CD is priced at $AUD20.00 plus $AUD3.00 postage(Australia) $AUD5.00 International.

CD artwork and design by Dianne Smedley at CONTEMPORARYWORKS